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Business Mentoring exclusively for Entrepreneur-members of our network.

Eastern Townships Business Community


Become an entrepreneur member of our network.

  • Business mentoring

  • Conferences

  • Networking events

  • Clinics and trainings

  • Access to Bishop's University students for recruitment purposes

  • Participation in various projects in partnership with Bishop's University

Become a mentor for our network.

  • Share your experiences as an entrepreneur

  • Share your knowledge in business

  • Support, motivate and counsel the mentees

  • Create meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs

  • Expand your business network through networking events

  • Accompany entrepreneurs in the development of their commercial activities

About Us

For 20 years the Dobson-Lagassé Centre has been helping entrepreneurs in the Eastern Townships achieve their ambitions, and Bishop’s University students explore the potential of entrepreneurship and participate in internships.


Founded in 1998 by John Dobson and Louis Lagassé, the Dobson-Lagassé Centre brings together their vision by providing experience for Bishop’s students in creating and growing small businesses and providing resources to local businesses to realize their growth potential.


  1. Promote teaching, knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship among Bishop’s University students
  2. Provide mentorship, training and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Eastern Townships to grow and develop their businesses
  3. Act as a conduit between entrepreneurs in the Eastern Townships and Bishop’s University, its students, its professors and its graduates


The centre promotes an entrepreneurial environment that allows Bishop’s University students to learn from experience, build relationships with regional businesses, and get support in business development. The centre is also a source of knowledge, tools, information and mentorship for entrepreneurs.