The Mentoring Program


The Dobson Lagassé Centre is one of the pioneers in Quebec when it comes to business mentoring. In 2003 our mentorship program was accredited by the Foundation de l’entrepreneurship and has been a key player with entrepreneurs in the Eastern Townships.

Our practices

Mentors are volunteers.

The objectives and approach must be clear and understandable.

We favour regular meetings followed by systematic monitoring of actions to be performed.

We respect the code of ethical principles.


Expertise: HR, performance management, strategic communication (external and internal) and change strategy.
Maryse Armando
Expertise: SME management and marketing communication.

John Aylen
Expertise: organizational performance.
Sylvain Bernier, Ph.D.
Health and social services
Expertise: business development, public administration and human relations.
Maurice Bernier
Expertise: vegetable production and arable crops.

Renaud-Pierre Boucher
Jean-François Cartier
Expertise: accounting, export, retail and financial control.
Roger Charbonneau
Manufacturing /distribution
Expertise: management, sales and marketing, production, supply and computerization.
Lisa Compagna
Expertise: dairy production.
André Couture
Expertise: marketing, sales, strategic planning, new product development, international distribution, operations and finance.
Charles Crawford
Spirits industry
Expertise: financial structuring, export, retail and market development.
Pierre Dagenais
Manufacturing /public administration
Expertise: Manufacturing, retail sales and purchasing.
Thomas Deshaies
Expertise: financial statements, production, cost price, Internet and social networks, R&D and marketing.
Jocelyna Dubuc
Health center/spa
Expertise: management, business development, customer service, HR and training.
Anne-Marie Dumas
Expertise: Business start-up & recovery, growth management, logistics & chain supply management.
Marie-Hélène Gagné
Food Industry
Expertise: strategic development and management.
Jean-Marc Gagnon
Expertise: health, finance IT, natural resources and governance.
Michael Lamontagne
Expertise: turnaround and finance.
Isabelle Langlois
Management /administration
Expertise: Managerial skills and abilities development. Valorization of the entrepreneurial profile.
Josée Godbout
Expertise: strategic vision, market development and finances.
François Lapointe
Expertise: production, lean management, operational strategies and R&D.
Alain Leclair
Expertise: human resources, management and business transfer.
Yolande Lemire
Expertise: horticulture and operations management.

Claudette Lessard
Commerce de détail
Expertise: sales service management, performance appraisal, territory development and staffing.
Serge Matte
Automotive industry/television stations management
Expertise: management.

Peter McAuslan
Gervais Morier
Expertise: accounting and cost price.
Service de formation en comptabilité
R. André Nadeau, CMA
Expertise: marketing, food, marketing and health-beauty.
Nathalie Nasseri
Expertise: business development, sales development and planning.
Michel Proteau
Financial services
Expertise: wholesaler, retail, industrial and construction.
Gaston Provencher
Expertise: marketing, export and market development (China).
Stephen Rocke
Expertise: marketing and finance.

Hermann G. Ruf
Administration /finance
Expertise: production, sales, management, export and human resources.
Denis Roy
Municipale governance/taxation
/wood industry
Expertise: Human Resources Management, Organizational Development and strategic planning.
Michel Saikali
Human Resources
Expertise: financial management (small and large companies).
Faruk Seyrek
Manufacturing /export
Expertise: consolidation, credit and collection and marketing.
Danièle Simard
Banking services
Expertise: Geomatics, Human Resources, Foodservices (franchisee).
André St-Marseille